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Are You Uninsured?

The Health Care Law was enacted in March 2010 to regulate the health care system by providing affordable health insurance, lowering the uninsured rate of individuals, and reducing the costs of health care for individuals and the government.

The health care system has already been improved to include the following:
• Access to certain free preventive services (e.g., annual physicals, vaccines, mammograms).
• Health coverage for pre-existing conditions.
• Health coverage for young adults up to 26, if the parent’s plan covers dependent(s).
• Prohibits health insurance companies from establishing lifetime limits on coverage.
• Expands consumer access to health care.
• Expansion of Medicaid to include low-income adults between the ages of 19-65.
• Health Insurance Marketplace provides consumer with an easy way to shop for health coverage, compare plans, and see if eligible for programs to have a lower premium.

• Must live in the US
• Must be a US citizen or nationals, or non-citizens who are lawfully present in the US
• Can’t be currently incarcerated

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Health Insurance Marketplace